Use the Science of Reading to Build Your Kid's Library

Use the Science of Reading to Build Your Kid's Library

What is the Science of Reading?

The Science of Reading is a collection of methods that have been proven to help children learn to read. The findings reveal that to read fluently and easily, kids need to work on five skill areas, usually across ages 2 to 7.  These areas are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Check out our full post on the Science of Reading  for more info.

The best way you can help your kid learn to read is to stock their library with books that develop all five skills!  Don’t wait until your kid is in school – give them an academic boost by reading these books from birth. 

What Books Does My Kid Need?

This checklist covers the ten types of books that focus on the five skill areas.  Look over your home library with this list in hand to see where your kid would benefit from more materials.


Books Kids Need


What areas does your library not cover currently?  Here are example Read With You books for each of the ten areas.  If you spot a hole in your book selection, we would love to plug it and inspire the next generation of confident readers! 

RWY books for beginning readers


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