Who We Are

Read With You Publishing is a team of professional writers, illustrators, educators, and linguists passionate about making education fun and effective. Loved by teachers, parents, and children alike, we create content that blends creativity and real-world application. Originally founded as an online education company in 2010, Read With You has grown internationally through our unique approach to children’s literature. We aim to spark a lifelong love of reading and learning through engaging content and exciting stories.

The Beginning

At its roots, The Read With You Center for Language Research and Development (Read With You) has humble beginnings. We started in 2010 with a small group of successful professionals from a wide array of backgrounds. Our core team members all had two things in common: more than 10 years of experience working with global programs and a desire to bring education to those in need. Through their travels, our team witnessed many communities whose children did not have the opportunity to acquire the literacy skills which would allow them to advance their learning and pursue their dreams. This learning gap is often one of the main causes of social-economic disadvantage and it became our passion to bridge this gap. Our team started volunteering time and energy to promote literacy in children from financially challenged families. We offered free lessons in exchange for students’ commitment to perfect attendance and their willingness to share what they learned with at least 3 children in their community.

Our Approach

At Read With You, we believe reading is a gateway into knowledge, personal development, curiosity, and success. This is why we offer books in a variety of subjects ranging from language arts to social and behavioral skills to STEAM. Each of our portfolios offers a wide range of entertaining and imaginative content to fit various learners’ needs.

Our language arts collection is a uniquely scaffolded set of series that include methodically integrated linguistic features. Within this collection, we offer flagship books, which each include over 30 occurrences of a specific linguistic feature in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. In addition, we offer supplemental series that take a deeper dive into a skill, such as writing or grammar.

Our STEAM collection provides learners with a head start on foundational STEAM curriculum topics through stimulating fiction and non-fiction titles. Developed by subject matter experts, these series include activities, exercises, and experiments to encourage real-world application of STEAM concepts.

Our core publishing team consists of writers, linguists, educational experts, scientists, engineers, and illustrators who design age and reading-level appropriate stories that cross many different platforms and areas of interest. Each member of our team brings their own knowledge and inspiration to the mix. Our writers create original characters and stories, which are thoughtfully brought to life by our illustrators. Each book has been carefully selected to have learning opportunities and stories that matter to our readers. They promote curiosity and enjoyment and are approved by parents and teachers alike. Our team of qualified industry professionals review texts at each stage of development. Once edited, books go through at least 100 hours of testing by educators around the globe. Only the best stories make it to our readers!


Along Read With You’s journey, we were lucky enough to build a community of friends and teachers who share our values and wanted to join our cause. This collaboration continued as we developed our literature-based educational approach. As our success grew, demand for paid lessons began to increase. We started offering lessons to students and expanded our resources to cover many subjects and languages. Today, our students represent a wide range of ages from 4 to 60+ and have skill levels from beginner to college level. Our program adopts pedagogies that are engaging for learners so that literacy is acquired sustainably and is built to last for generations to come.

Giving Back

At Read With You, we believe that all children should have the right to education and literacy. This is why we have made it our mission to give back to communities in need. For every book purchased from our catalog, we donate one to a school or community in need of books and materials. In addition, we offer teacher training and support for organizations that utilize our content in the classroom. By sharing books and knowledge, Read With You helps to promote human connection, better performance, and new possibilities for the future.