Collection: Who Am I

  • Read With You’s interactive Who Am I? series introduces young readers to 160 animals from across the globe.  This beginner collection is perfect for new readers who are just learning to sound out words and use sentences. Regardless of if you are at home or in a classroom, the short sentences, familiar vocabulary, and simple questions of Who Am I? books will encourage kids to start reading on their own while improving their powers of deduction and analysis.  Every page includes a simple fact about the animal, as well as a cropped picture to provide readers with a hint as to which animal is correct.  

    For anyone looking for introductory STEAM animal books that focus on such as geography, habitat, and defining features, the Who Am I? books are a great selection. Kids will enjoy finding out more about the animals of the world who can usually only be found in the zoo. This series is educational, entertaining, and can be enjoyed by the whole family!