Collection: Two Ways to See It

  • Two Ways to See It offers clever retellings of O. Henry’s classic American short stories.  Each of the 10 books pairs two stories connected by a common theme, from true love to poetic justice with a touch of irony.  These snappy tales perfectly catch American culture at the turn of the century, and their surprise endings and empathetic characters will spark passionate classroom debates.  Each book skillfully weaves in 8th-grade Common Core State Standard learning goals and activities.  The thematic vocabulary, thoughtful analysis questions, and detailed writing prompts make lesson planning a breeze. 

    O. Henry is world-famous for his ability to vividly capture the emotions and stories of the poor and wealthy in turn-of-the-century America.  He packs larger-than-life characters, twisty plots, pathos, humor, and surprise endings into short stories.  Dive into his colorful stories of ranchers, detectives, robbers, bank clerks, husbands, and wives, made accessible in these modern retellings.