Collection: Anne’s Adventures

  • Anne’s Adventures is a newly released adaptation of ten stories from the Canadian classic Anne of Green Gables.  This innovative approach to language arts features updated language integrated with vocabulary exercises, comprehension questions, and literary analyses.  Each book adapts a popular story from the original novel and skillfully connects it to 6th-grade Common Core State Standard learning goals and activities. While the stories captivate young readers, the thematic vocabulary, thoughtful analysis questions, and detailed writing prompts make lesson planning a breeze. 

    Since its first publication in 1908, Anne of Green Gables has sold over 50 million copies in over 30 languages. Montgomery paints an unforgettable picture of opinionated, warm-hearted Anne as she attends a one-room school, yearns for puffed sleeves, and battles croup and algebra. Modern readers will delight in the unfamiliar details of life long ago while asking big questions about finding family, friends, and purpose.