Boarding Schools

Families have many options in choosing boarding schools that match their needs. Many schools exist throughout the world, and each school has its unique offerings, qualities, and heritage. We help families with everything from relocation counseling, school application assistance, admissions, transfers, and career prep.

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  • Simplify the Process

    We help families navigate the school admissions process by matching students’ abilities, goals, and special talents to schools. We believe school admissions should be a time of self-discovery and excitement, not anxiety and stress. We’re here to help our students take the guesswork out of education.

  • Collaborative Preparation

    We have students’ best interest in mind. When designing an education roadmap, we begin by identifying each student’s potential and areas they need help developing. After the discovery phase, we partner with the family and education professionals to build skills and create lasting solutions.

  • Relocation Support

    We help to take the stress out of moving by advising families on their options, supporting special needs arrangements, and providing support after the move. We monitor the progress of students following the move to ensure they receive appropriate education and transition into a new community.

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