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How to Use Parallax

How to Use Parallax

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When Maryam and Rani learn Ms. Lisa’s bad news, they start crying.  Luckily, Ms. Lisa has one last astronomy project to cheer them up, and it involves using hula hoops and parallax to learn how scientists can measure the distance to far-off stars!  Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own demonstration of what parallax are and why they’re useful. 

Astronomer’s Toolbox is a hands-on introduction to astronomy and engineering that mixes charming characters, unique storylines, and step-by-step instructions.  Our novel approach introduces the wonderful universe beyond our Earth and shows how, with a little creativity, we can design ingenious tools from household items.  Follow the adventures of Rani and Maryam, two curious kids who apprentice themselves to Ms. Lisa and uncover the wonders of space.  As they design tools like a telescope and a latitude locator, each book provides clear instructions for young astronomers to follow along at home and create their own astronomer’s toolbox.

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