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Imagine That!

Imagine That!

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Imagine That! is an original, interactive book that empowers readers with an understanding of intermediate writing skills and gives the freedom to test out new knowledge.

In this story, Dan’s English class is tasked with writing creative short stories.  Dan is thrilled because Jess is his partner.  Unfortunately, Jess is much better at writing real news than made up stories. Finally, Dan gets to teach someone else for a change!  Can you help Dan show Jess to use her imagination?  Add a little dialogue, include some interesting events, then try it all for yourself!

Readers both love and relate to Dan, while enjoying the collaborative nature of the book. You’ll want to help Dan when he’s in trouble because you never know what will come next!  Teachers and parents love the collaboration skills the book teaches through empowering kids to learn from Dan’s mistakes and create a positive outcome.

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