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My First Words Box Set 2

My First Words Box Set 2

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My First Words is the essential vocabulary library for kids ages 0 to 5.  Pre-readers enjoy the glossy photos and vocabulary exposure as the books are read to them, while new readers practice their reading skills with familiar words, repeated sentence patterns, and helpful visuals.

The second set of 10 books introduces 10 sets of vocabulary kids will often use as they explore the world and develop new academic skills: animals, baby animals, computer equipment, fast food, fruit, jobs, numbers, opposites, shapes, and weather.

Designed by child development experts and linguists,  each 24-page book features eleven themed vocabulary words.  The repeated sentence structures help new readers gain confidence with foundational sight words and vocabulary.  The brilliant photographs engage babies and toddlers so they grasp the essential connections between words and real-world items.

Key reading skill focus: Vocabulary
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