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Sound Foundations 3: Let's Learn the Sound / Advanced Consonants

Sound Foundations 3: Let's Learn the Sound / Advanced Consonants

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Sound Foundations provides linguist-designed sets for young readers mastering the alphabet.  Letter-sound correspondences are the first step to learning to read.  The seven boxes provide full coverage of core consonants, vowels, tricky digraphs, and blends.  New readers sound out their first words with the aid of beautiful, realistic photos and large print. 

This third set of eleven books tackles the rarer or more difficult consonants not covered in the first set.  This includes distinguishing between hard and soft C and G, and letters like Q, V, and W.  After completing these books, students will have mastered every letter in the English alphabet.

In this series, the first three sets cover every letter.  The fourth and fifth sets focus digraphs and often-neglected sounds like final l.  The last two sets target blends, an essential final step that many reading programs skip.

Key reading skill focus: Alphabet
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