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The Dollhouse Mystery

The Dollhouse Mystery

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It’s not every day you watch a real-life auction, film your first stop motion film, or encounter a haunting… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

Samantha, Frankie, and Buddy Woodberry are excited to visit an auction for the first time.  Their Aunt Rose, owner of the Unique & Antique shop, is always on the lookout for special items.  No better place to find these than the local auction house.

When the Woodberrys spot an antique dollhouse, they know it is something special!  Luck is on their side because the dollhouse is the perfect setting for the stop motion video Frankie needs to make for her language arts class.  Paired with the new girl in school, Frankie can’t wait to get started.  But her excitement diminishes when crazy things start happening with the dollhouse.

The dollhouse couldn’t be… haunted, could it?  The Woodberrys set off to discover the truth.  But the new information they’re finding doesn’t seem to add up.  Why are so many people interested in this dollhouse?  What exactly is going on here?

The sleuths won’t stop until they crack this case.  If it isn’t haunted, what is happening to the dollhouse? Could Frankie’s annoying classmates be up to something? And what is the history behind this antique; could that hold the answer?

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