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The Mystery at Thorn Hill Manor

The Mystery at Thorn Hill Manor

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It’s not every day you find yourself in a historic building, are at the scene of a stolen necklace, and hear a number of spooky sounds… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

The Woodberrys and their friend Tuck are headed to Virginia!  They have been invited to stay at the old Thorn Hill Manor.  Everyone is excited for a new adventure, especially Tuck.  But he always thinks there is a creepy mystery around every corner!

This time… he might be right!  Some odd things have been happening and no one knows who or what is behind them.  They worry the ghost of the woman who was killed there may be back because of unfinished business. 

When they learn that the city might selling the Thorn Hill Manor, the kids are determined to figure out what is happening in this historic landmark and help their aunt’s friend save it!

The sleuths have to work faster than ever before.  Who is the thief?  Why is everyone keeping secrets?  What will happen to the Thorn Hill Manor if they fail?

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