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The Mystery of Blackbird Island

The Mystery of Blackbird Island

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It’s not every day you visit a mermaid festival, discover a theft, or have creepy messages follow you around town… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

Samantha, Frankie, and Buddy Woodberry have been enjoying life with Aunt Rose after their evil Aunt Scarlett went away.  They’ve spent their days getting to know her and hunting down unique antiques for their aunt’s store.

What better way to showcase all their amazing finds than at the annual Mermaid Festival on Blackbird Island?  After loading up the car, the Woodberry kids, Aunt Rose, and her cat Penelope head to the legendary town.  And they soon discover it really is legendary.  The locals say that the Blackbird Mermaid would watch for ships as they passed the island, and capsize them!  Even so, most of the visitors believe the mermaid is a symbol of luck.  But when strange, chilling messages begin popping up around town about the dangers of the Blackbird Mermaid, the Woodberrys start to have second thoughts!

Unfortunately, this is only the start of their concerns…  On the day of the festival’s bake sale, a large amount of money goes missing and a mysterious mermaid makes an appearance.  The Woodberrys think it may all be connected.  There is definitely a mystery here to be solved.  And they have to get to the bottom of it… or the festival will be canceled altogether!

Even with potential danger around every corner, the sleuths are determined. Are the messages true? Who could have committed the theft? And what is going on at the spooky lighthouse?

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