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The Mystery of the Greenhill House

The Mystery of the Greenhill House

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It’s not every day you see a creepy figure in the town’s haunted house, discover a mystery involving your dead parents, or get locked in an attic… unless you are the Woodberry kids!

Orphans Samantha, Frankie, and Buddy Woodberry are trying to adjust to their new life after their parents’ deaths.  This seems impossible, though, when their angry caretaker Aunt Scarlett is constantly forcing them to do all kinds of chores. (YUCK!)

While they are hiding out in the woods and avoiding extra chores, their friend Tuck brings them exciting news. A figure was spotted in the Greenhill House! The only problem is… no one lives in the abandoned house. The whole town says it is haunted by the Stonyfield Witch!

Who better to investigate this mystery than the Woodberry kids? After all, they have everything sleuthing detectives need! Secret Hideout? Check. Helpful sidekick? Check. Guts? Check!

So, the Woodberrys set out to solve the mystery of the Greenhill House. …But just when they collect some clues about the first mystery, the local donut shop is vandalized! The Woodberrys are quickly swept up in another adventure full of crime and danger.

The sleuths start to think they are in over their heads! Why would someone do this? Who could have committed such a crime? And why aren’t they eating more donuts?

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