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The Mystery at the Maple Mill Library

The Mystery at the Maple Mill Library

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It’s not every day you are invited to a special event, are attacked by flying books, and discover haunted paintings… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

Samantha, Frankie, and Buddy Woodberry think their Aunt Rose has some of the best friends.  They’ve been invited to an exclusive event at the old historic Maple Hill Library.  It’s like a mini-vacation, and they are so excited to be there!  Well, everyone except Buddy who finds everything slightly spooky.

When they arrive at the library, they get the impression that Buddy might have been on to something.  Odd things are going on; Aunt Rose’s friend Diane has been hearing strange noises all over the library.  Then Samantha reads a creepy message in the bathroom about the architect’s daughter, Eleanor, who died there.  

The Woodberrys are beginning to feel uneasy.  They are convinced that something strange is going on here.  If they can’t figure out the secret, what will happen to the library and all of Diane’s hard work?

This mystery might be puzzling, but these sleuths are up for the challenge.  Can they figure out what secrets the library holds?  What else will go wrong in the meantime?  What will they do if these harmless haunts turn into something dangerous?

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