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The Mystery on Hollow Road

The Mystery on Hollow Road

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It’s not every day you run into a ghost, get invited to a cursed house, and learn of a possible hidden treasure… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

Buddy Woodberry is determined to sell the most cookies for his school’s fundraiser; the winner gets a 50-dollar prize!  Buddy, his siblings, and their friend Tuck ride their bikes to door after door.  Until they get to Hollow Road…

Rumor has it, the house on Hollow Road is cursed!  They wouldn’t believe it were it not for the hooded figure they just saw!  They all agree to stay as far away from Hollow Road as possible.

That is, until their heater breaks, and they are invited to stay with Aunt Rose’s friend and owner of the house on Hollow Road.  They begin to learn many surprising and spooky things about the house- starting with the mysterious fire and a hidden treasure!

The sleuths must stay strong even with a ghost hanging around.  Is there really a buried treasure?  Was that Thomas Hollow’s ghost?  Can they get to the bottom of this before something terrible happens?

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