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The Phantom Mystery

The Phantom Mystery

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It’s not every day you join a group of actors, are haunted by a phantom, or overhear an ominous plan… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

On a particularly hot September day, Samantha, Frankie, and Buddy Woodberry, along with their friend Tuck, decide to head into the local ice cream shop.  They plan to cool off with a sweet treat, but instead learn that the Stonyfield Opera House is reopening after being closed for years.  And no wonder it was closed… after what happened to poor Mary Goldman. 

The Stonyfield Theatre Society will present the eerie and exciting The Phantom of the Opera, and the Woodberrys want to be a part of the play.  They don’t believe the place is “haunted.”  But when Samantha sees a mysterious figure in the opera house window and Markus gives them a cryptic warning, they start to think things might be creepier than they appear.

Could Mary Goldman’s ghost be out for revenge or is something more sinister afoot?  Samantha has to know!  She can’t faint again in the middle of her performance.

The sleuths need to have to prepare for the show and catch a phantom.  But, how do you catch something that vanishes into thin air?  Can the show still go on? Will the Woodberrys get their time in the spotlight?

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