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The Raven Hollow Witch Mystery

The Raven Hollow Witch Mystery

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It’s not every day you explore a Halloween-themed farm, visit a haunted house, and encounter a witch… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

It is finally Halloween, and Samantha, Frankie, and Buddy Woodberry are visiting the Gilbert’s farm.  Each year, the couple sets up an extravagant haunted house.  Many people have heard of this attraction but not for the reason you’d think… it’s located in a witch town!

As they explore the Fright Farm, the Woodberrys learn about this so-called witch, Bella Green.  It all seems like a bunch of folklore, but Katie Gilbert and her friends are convinced it is true.  After some strange occurrences like painted messages, missing money, and a witchy figure, the kids start to question everything. They can’t seem to ignore the warnings of the Raven Hollow Witch!

Things are just not adding up!  Stuff is going missing and people are being secretive.  The Woodberrys worry they will never figure out the truth.

They have to figure out which occurrences are just haunted house shenanigans, and which are something more sinister.  Can they solve the mystery in time?  What is everyone hiding?  Are there really such things as witches?

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