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The Stanley Farm Mystery

The Stanley Farm Mystery

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It’s not every day you get stuck at a ski lodge, witness a creature in the woods, and discover an obvious sabotage… Well, unless you are the Woodberry kids!

After a long, cold drive, the Woodberrys have finally made it to Snow Wolf Lodge.  Their friend Tuck and his family have invited them for a ski trip and they are so excited!  However, right before their eyes appears a creature unlike anything they have ever seen… A werewolf?!

They are slightly shaken up as they arrive at the lodge.  After multiple sightings, the Woodberrys and Tuck begin to fear for their lives.   Just when they think they are safe at the lodge itself, they discover a saboteur is on the loose. 

Someone has tampered with the lake, so they can’t ice skate.  Something has happened to the ski lift, so they can’t ski.  What is going on?  Is everything connected to the reappearance of the snow wolf?

The sleuths are determined to find the answers.  What is this creature?  Who is behind the problems around the lodge?  And will they ever get to enjoy skiing this trip?

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