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Ultimate Kindergarten Vocabulary Set

Ultimate Kindergarten Vocabulary Set

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This 90-book package includes a complete library for a kindergarten student! 

Each mini 12-page book introduces vocabulary in key subjects.  The beautiful illustrations include high-definition photos and illustrations from classic art to bring the words to life.

There are five separate series in the box, introducing vocabulary and phrases for prepositions, art, hobbies, activities, common places, household items, food, and preferences. Created by linguists and teachers with experience in both first- and second-language acquisition, it offers an intuitive and rigorous approach to language development.

The 800+ key words are illustrated with real photos or great art!  Every book comes with critical thinking prompts such as categorization, identification, and question-asking, as well as fun activities to cement vocabulary and reading skills.

Packaged in a high-quality box to make the collection easy to transport and put away, it makes the ideal book set for a nursery, early learning center, or kindergarten bookshelf. 

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